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Why Solar?

Did you know that more residential solar panels have been installed
in the last 3 years than in all of the previous 38 years combined?

Why is that?

  • Instead of using fossil fuel generated electricity that is harmful to the environment, solar energy is not only cleaner, it is cheaper in 42 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States.

  • Homeowners who finance or purchase their solar system see a large return on their investment. Homes with solar panels also sell quicker and at a higher price than homes without solar panels.

  • Solar lowers and eventually eliminates your power bill. In most cases, you can start saving on your electric bill from day one.

  • Ever since electricity was invented, the utility companies have had control over the cost of the electricity that you purchase from them.  Making the decision to transition to solar energy means making the decision to take back the control of your energy costs. By switching to solar energy you are protecting yourself from the inevitable yearly rise in electricity costs.

  • Homeowners who choose to use a PPA or a Lease for their solar panels save money immediately with zero out of pocket costs.

Switch to solar for a brighter and cleaner home.

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