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Incentives in South Carolina

South Carolina Solar Power Rebates – Duke Energy Progress customers only

Duke Energy Progress provides customers a $1/watt solar rebate. This means if an average 5-kW solar system costs $20,000 to buy, it now costs $15,000. Remember each kilowatt is equal to 1,000 watts.

Federal Income Tax Credit

Receive an automatic Federal Income Tax credit of 30% of your total solar system cost when you purchase your solar energy system.

South Carolina solar Power Tax Credits

When you install a solar system you are able to claim a state tax credit of 25% of the total cost of the installed system. The maximum amount of the state tax credit in a single year is $3,500 or 50% of your state tax liability, whichever amount is less. Any portion of the unused credit can be carried forward for the next 10 years.

Here’s an example of how solar tax credits and rebates can work:

Let’s say you are a DEP customer, and purchase a 5-kW solar system for a total price of $20,000. Your federal tax credit would be valued at $6,000, your state rebate would be valued at $5,000 and your state tax credit would be valued at $5,000. After all tax credits and rebates are applied your total net cost for a 5-kW solar system would look like $4,000.

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Common Solar Benefits

  • Decrease in electricity cost

  • Protection against future utility electricity rate increases

  • Great return on investment

  • Increased home value by at least the cost of your system

  • Cleaner and more sustainable energy source of power

  • Stimulation of the State’s job growth in green technology

  • Stimulation within energy sectors of the State’s economy

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